PURE PLAYERS: Did you know OOH Ski media generates traffic to e-commerce website and social media?

Remember the study from Iligo on “Drive-to-web”? It showed that 74% of urbans would end up searching on the website of a brand seen in OOH and 71% would use their smartphone to do so. It also showed that 80% of urbans already bought a product seen in OOH through the website of the brand and 72% through their smartphones. This study targeted 62% early adopters and 45% mobile adopters.

Remember the recent study, by global marketing researchers, Nielsen, that found that OOH triggered more online activity than any other offline advertising channels. While it only accounts for 7-9% of the total advertising spend, OOH delivers 26% of gross online search activations generated by TV, print, radio and OOH combined. In other words, a quarter of online search that is generated by offline media comes via OOH.

Part of OOH’s power to drive online traffic is due to the rise of mobile search and social media. Today, people spend a significant amount of time on their smartphones while they are out of their home, and especially on holidays. Whether it’s to use social media like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or any other applications to search the internet, smartphones are never far from their hands. OOH ads are incredibly effective when it comes to stimulating mobile activity.


So, if OOH in cities can develop Drive-to-web behaviors despite the congested landscape and consumers always being swamped in the constant advertising circuit, what do you think can happen using OOH Ski media?

  • where the environment is uncluttered and ads are unmissable?

  • where guests are out of the normal advertising circuit (no TV, no radio, no press or very little) therefore there are very few competing distractions to occupy consumers?

  • where guests mostly travel with their smartphones and tablets, some even with their personal laptops?

  • where European guests “roam like at home” using their internet connection exactly the same while travelling outside their European country?

  • where guests are in a stress-free atmosphere?

  • where guests have 100% leisure time to do or plan all the things they don’t usually have time for?

The Drive-to-web lever of OOH ski media is even greater than what brands are used to in cities! So Pure Player brands and those with strong e-commerce goals, should take more advantage of the great web-traffic generator that is OOH ski media!

How can you use OOH Ski Media to drive online activity?

Using OOH adverts to drive online activity can be as simple as including a memorable URL or hashtag on your billboard or bus stop poster. The impact of a well-placed OOH ski media ad can be multiplied many times over through the use of social media engagement. But when used creatively alongside new technology and the multiplication of digital panels in ski resorts, the possibilities are endless!

How can you use digital marketing tools to help make OOH ski media even more relevant?

Not only can Pure players brands or those with strong e-commerce goals use OOH ski media to drive online activity, they can also use digital marketing tools to create effective OOH ski media advertising. Their ready access to customer data and online tools places digital marketers in an optimum position to benefit from the opportunities provided by OOH.

For example, before committing to an OOH campaign, digital marketers could test their ad creatives online to see which messages generate the highest click-through-rates, most page impressions and longest dwell times.

Website owners could also use online data to assess which locations are the most effective in reaching their target audience and as a mirror image, we can then better target which resorts and which locations within a resort would best fit the target’s profile. Once we’ve pinpointed the locations that index highly for consumers interested in the product or service you’re selling, we’ve got a pretty good idea of which OOH ski media sites would be most effective at reaching them during their holiday in the mountains.

And the more effective your OOH ski media campaign is, the more successful it will be at driving your online activity.

Source: Nielsen OOH Online Activation Survey, March 2017


For a single resort initiative, to dominate a country or for a pan European campaign, we have the solution that works for you.


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