CHALLENGER BRANDS: Did you know ski media helps put some air between your brand and the competitors?

A challenger brand is “defined, primarily, by a mindset – it has business ambitions bigger than its conventional resources, and is prepared to do something bold, usually against the existing conventions or codes of the category, to break through. While we commonly refer to the challenger brand as the underdog, this is no longer the most frequent form of challenger; challenger brands today are more often focused on what they are challenging (about the category drivers, or the customer experience, for instance), than who they are challenging.”

There are considerable strategic and cultural advantages in being a challenger brand.

  • You don't have to be all things to all people;

  • You can choose a place to stand out and something to strongly believe in;

  • You can focus on brilliantly delivering that and that alone;

  • You are not necessarily seeking to be number one; there is a perfectly healthy living to be made as number two or number three in your market.

But to be one of those brands, you will have to put some air between yourself and the competition. You cannot just be another middle-market player; you have to be a strong number two. And you can't get there by behaving like a smaller version of the leader brand.

But putting some air between yourself and the competition is not an easy task and can be quite frustrating for challenger brands. The leader brand usually takes the best media locations, the best TV or radio spots in all traditional media available in the cities. The leader brand is already everywhere, taking all the space!

Being the challenger and being seen by your target is a real challenge in itself. Originality might be one of the major qualities challengers bring to the table, but it’s garnering the attention and existing for the right consumer who will buy your product or service that is one of the major challenges of challenger brands.

As ski resorts are gathering this European-complicated-to-reach urban target, ski media definitely helps getting these challenger brands seen and noticed without the constant interference of the leader brand.

Where else can challenger brands have the opportunity to be noticed:

  • Get industry exclusive visibility.

  • Talk to their consumers for 30 hours per week (dwell-time of 5.4 hours per day for 6 consecutive days).

  • Place their brand image in an uncluttered environment, so it’s unmissable.

  • Interact with their clients where advertisement is found less intrusive than in cities.

This combination is not easy to find anywhere else and that’s why ski media is particularly brilliant and relevant for challenger brands who want to make that cut through to their audience, spread their message and stand out from the other players.

As leader brands mostly focus all their efforts on massive traditional media, challenger brands can find that extra space through ski media and create that one-to-one relationship they are dying to develop.


For a single resort initiative, to dominate a country or for a pan European campaign, we have the solution that works for you.


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