#5. MISCONCEPTION: Automobile brands have already taken all the best ski media!

Automobile brands have soon understood the value of ski media and the real opportunity for them to advertise to this high concentration of key business decision-makers and influencers. It’s not that they have taken all the spaces available in the resorts, but they are many steps ahead, that’s for sure.

First, they started with simple advertising billboards, then developed pan European activations to move on to more integrated campaigns and partnerships within the resorts. Why do they still continue today?... Because ski media is efficient, and they see positive results on their sales increase and overall communication KPI.

As for the resorts, constant adaptations, lifts renovations and guest services programs bring every year interesting new opportunities for brands and new sites to dress-up with your brand’s communication. From regular billboards, to digital screens, sponsorships or experiential campaigns, brands can build true engagement and a deeper relationship with their audience through ski media.


Automobile brands found in the skier audience a lot of similarities with their clients and advertising in the mountains has become one of their favored medium. To be a good skier you must manage the pressure on your foot, anticipate the trajectory, turn at the right time, adapt your speed to the conditions and to others on the slopes, etc. Skills and dexterity that are required when driving a car, especially a premium one. Advertising in the mountains make sense to reach a premium audience and spread messages that make sense in both situation, the slopes and the road.


Sure, and that’s what financial brands have been doing for several years now. You may ask yourself, why is an investment bank interested in a partnership with ski schools? Well, when you think about it, skiing can be hard if you don’t have the right basics, it can be dangerous if nobody taught you how to position yourself and adapt your movements, but when you have been coached by the right people and are now confident on the slopes, skiing is fun, exhilarating and rewarding! Now, replace skiing by investing and you clearly see the interest financial brands can have in the skiers’ audience. And if you select only premium resorts with high net worth guests like in the Alpdest network, your brand messages can both make sense and be pushed to your core target group.

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