#4. MISCONCEPTION: Ski media is bold and risky, classical media is safe and easy.

Ski media gathers a wide variety of billboard formats and digital media opportunities as the rest of Out-of-home advertising. Ski media is not that different from what advertisers are already used to. Since it is less commonly used, it enables marketers to differentiate their brand from competitors. And differentiation is key to remain in your clients’ mind!

Ski media advertising offers a unique chance to reach a valuable audience in a captive setting. In comparison, travelers spend from 1 to 3 hours maximum in airports per trip, in Alpdest ski resort network guest spend 30h per trip (average 6 days and 5 hours of ski per day).

Undoubtedly as they are on holiday with family and/or friends, guests in ski resorts are in an especially positive mindset, and as the environment is preserved and uncluttered, they are not distracted by other media. Studies show that the words attached to their perception of skiing are leisure, passion and sport and since 87.6% of them recall advertising in and around the ski resorts, brands are linked to this positive environment.

Since it is the right time to talk to them, guests of ski resorts also connect with the brands more easily. 70% of them find ski media advertising less intrusive than ads in towns and cities and 69% of them think ads are acceptable in ski resorts as they help resorts keep the costs down.

With formats that marketers are used to, a long dwell-time, a positive environment, brands who get noticed and are seen as appealing, ski media is a safe and easy choice!

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the studies on the efficiency of ski media?

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