#3. MISCONCEPTION: Ski media is too far from your product's point of sale!

When you advertise on TV or in airports, do you expect your clients to buy your products right away? No of course, you educate the public to your product, create awareness regarding your brand, define your brand’s expression and territory, establish celebrity endorsements, craft compelling messages, create engaging expression…

Why? Because you want your brand to stay in the public’s minds, so when it needs a product like yours, it chooses your brand… You want your clients to desire your brand.

Unlike TV, radio or Internet, Out-of-home advertising cannot be skipped or blocked, turned off or put down. Viewers cannot fast forward through outdoor advertisements as they enter the viewing range of strategically placed displays. Out-of-home is probably the last place where clients do not control the ad space.

Ski media even goes one step further, as in such a preserved environment with far less advertisements, brand’s communication is even largely immune from the threat of not being seen and recognized, even more advertisers have unprecedented control over how and where their ads can be seen.

In Alpdest ski resort network, every guest is on the slopes! With 97% of people skiing, ski media is a medium with very little wastage. And with 91% of guests skiing in the morning and in the afternoon, with an average of 5.4 hours of ski per day, your brand communication is widely seen by your potential clients.

Out-of-home is a proven media amplifier because it is the most efficient driver of mobile, social and digital engagement. In addition, Out-of-home ski advertising delivers the right message to the right core-target, not just the untargeted mass. Purchasing decisions are often made away from home: Over two-thirds of people make their purchasing decisions at some location outside of their home, like on ski holiday, over the course of a typical week; over half report making their purchasing decisions most frequently when they are not at home.

In the end, it’s not a matter of closeness to the point of sale, but the capacity of ski media to stick your brand and messages into the public’s mind.

Interested in knowing more about the studies on the efficiency of ski media? Click here.

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