#1. MISCONCEPTION: Ski media is only for brands of the ski industry!

Well, it would be like saying digital media is only for brands of the digital industry. It’s false of course. Just like TV, press, radio or traditional OOH, ski media is an effective medium for marketers to advertise their brands an reach their audiences.

The distinctive character of ski media lies in the premium target it reaches, the dwell-time and the uncluttered environment it offers compared to other media.

Today, brands who advertise the most in ski resorts are:

1. Automobile

2. Investment banks

3. F&B

4. Watches and luxury brands for the very premium resorts

Studies show that Automobile brands, like BMW and AUDI, who have large multi-resorts and pan European campaigns in the mountains are widely seen and remembered by the ski resort audience:

Brand advertising seen in ski resorts - Alpdest network

Therefore, marketers should envisage ski media, not like a replacement but as a complement to their current media mix, enabling them to reach a more targeted audience with very little wastage compared to other mass market media.

When looking at ski media with our clients, we, at Alpdest, focus on the brand’s core target group or the new client profile they are trying to reach. We, then, select the best ski resorts depending on their presence and quality.

Interested in knowing more about the audience available in ski resorts? Click here.

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