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Austrian ski resort operators have been massively investing, showing the most updated lifts of the industry. Snowmaking system cover more than 60% of the slopes which guarantees the best ski conditions the entire winter season.
Austria is a big importer of skiers; most of its skier visits are generated by foreign tourists or via British tour operators.
Tyrol is likely to be the most densely ski-resort populated area in the world and it captures 49% of Austrian skier visits.



Switzerland is known for its storied resorts—snow-dusted, chocolate-box-pretty towns where excess comes with a side of skiing. During the last century, it was the most well-known ski destination in the world, with some places still garnering lasting recognition.
With 23.9 million skier visits per winter season, Swiss ski areas host an important foreign customer base, made up of Germans, British, French, Italians and Dutch. Over the last few years the number of Spanish, Russian and Asian customers has also increased.


With 53.9 million skier visits, France is the first winter destination in the world and the largest and most well-known ski resorts are located in the Alps.

Even tough the ski industry in France is still primarily driven by domestic market, there are about 2 millions foreign skiers who visit France each winter and the figure continues to grow.

Ski resorts have widely invested in the snowmaking system, although not in the proportion of Austria.


Most of the ski resorts are concentrated in the northern regions of Piemonte, Valle d’Aosta, Lombardy, Trentino, Alto Adige (Südtirol) and Veneto. The Italian ski industry is similar to the Austrian model in the South Tyrol and eastern regions and shares some similarities to the French resorts in the west.

The Italian ski industry relies primarily on domestic customers and presents the lowest rate of foreign participants of the alpine countries.

spain - andorra

Spain ranks well among the mountainous regions of Europe. Spaniards, like many Europeans, love winter sports. In most resorts, 90% or more of skier visits consists of domestic skiers.

Andorra has the largest ski area in the Pyrenees. Snow conditions are generally good, enhanced by a solid snowmaking system, modern infrastructure and large enough resorts to compete with the Alps.
Most skiers are foreign visitors since the ski areas are close to big cities from neighbouring Spain and France, and also attract other international visitors, such as British and Russian skiers.

central eastern

Countries of Eastern Europe are currently in the process of developping their ski industry. Even if skiing is nothing new for most of these countries, the ski areas in many places have only recently been developped into resorts and marketed internationally.
With a population twice that of the Alps and Western Europe ,and with cheaper prices their ski destinations are becoming more appealing to foreign skiers.

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