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1. How do I get a quotation?

Please reach out to one of our ski media experts. They will be happy to answer all your questions and start working on a media proposal:

Daniel MEYER 

CEO & International Sales Director

+41 79 544 76 78 / Send an email


Italy & International Sales

+33 616 89 14 90 / +39 347 52 09 288 / Send an email

Monika PÖLL

Sales Project Manager

+43 664 88 33 6877 / Send an email

2. How long does it take to get a quotation from Alpdest?

Our team of expert can answer you quickly, from a few hours to a few days, if the briefing is precise and requesting existing media. For any experiential marketing or large pan European campaign, expect a little bit more delay in order to get the confirmations of the different resorts on the possibilities that can be presented to you.

3. What does Alpdest provide in the quotation?
Each campaign proposal includes:

  • A concept proposal.

  • A resort selection with USP, maps, audience statistics, ski piste map.

  • A media selection for each resort (with location, image, GPS coordinates, price and media production & installation cost).

  • A budget in Euro.

  • Depending on the brand or agency request, Alpdest can also provide a variation of studies and data to support the efficiency of ski media.


Location: Name of the ski lift and description of the setting of the media

ID: Alpdest reference number

Impacts: Associated ski lifts passages including extra possible footfall during winter season

Asset category: Description of the media type

Media cost: Gross media price associated to the media

PTI cost: Production cost of the media + Transport to the ski resort + Installation /Uninstallation

Total cost: Media cost + PTI cost

Total gross budget: Total cost of all media in the proposal

Volume discount: Total discounts agreed with the agency

Total net budget: Total gross budget – Volume discount

Agency commission: Agency agreed commission rate

Total net net media + PTI budget: Total net budget – Agency Commission + Total PTI cost

4/ What is the average length of a campaign?

Winter season campaign blocks are a standard segment of time that is generally considered to be an effective minimum campaign length for ski media advertising. Therefore, our average campaign run for the full winter season, that is from mid-December to late April. But to offer flexibility, you can also choose to reduce or extend the length of the campaign as shown below:


5. What are the discounts for agencies

We have a commissions system that is linked to volume, duration of a campaign per client (multiple years). We also link it to the degree of engagement in presenting our network to new clients (Sales agent status) that can create extra revenue. Register to our website to know more about discounts for agencies. 

6. Where can I find a rate card?

Register to our website to have access to the rate card. Our experts will contact you after. 


7. What is included in the campaign price?
The campaign price includes:

• The price of the media selection.
• The media production, transport and installation/uninstallation cost (PTI)**
• Installation reports* (including low definition images)
• Media campaign repairs and canvas changes if need be.


On request at extra cost:

• Campaign high definition photo report by a professional photographer (delivered at the end of the winter season (March/April)
• Campaign video summary (delivered at the end of the campaign (approx. March)
• Campaign survey (best administrated February/March)
• Campaign ski resort tour (best organized in February/March for best conditions)
• Etc.

*Installation reports – depending on size of the order and amount of positions / length of time to install the whole project it could be ‘just’ one final installation report or several installation reporting.

**To offer the best quality of service, our PTI costs include equipment suited for the alpine environments (highest quality to support windstorms up to 200km speed in the wintertime and cold/warm relations from minus 30 degrees up to 30 degrees in one day, etc). The price covers also most of the services during the winter (after snow storms small fixations, etc.). The installation is handled by Alpdest own operational teams to secure highest standard in quality. In case of weather delays or specific requirements such as gondola covering, Alpdest also works with wrapping professionals, additional external operational teams or long-time partners.

8. Are there any other fees?
There are no other fees or hidden ones, what you get quoted is what you pay. We are upfront about all costs, we make sure you are clear before you commit, and we also make sure that if something goes wrong, we will do our very best to fix it without passing the costs on. We pride ourselves in being fair, honest and clear when it comes to our pricing, our customers believe this too as they keep on coming back for more.

Should you wish to apply a creative change to your campaign however, there will be associated PTI costs.

9. Who prepares the artwork of the campaign?
First of all, don’t worry. Our team will guide you or your agency through this step.

We will also provide creative guidelines to produce advertisement best fitted for snow environment, so your campaign is unmissable as well as our requirements for data preparation document and delivery. We have technical specifications for the artworks of all our different formats, so you will know exactly what shape, size and resolution each of your ads need to be.

Our production team will organize the printing of your ads across all formats and will arrange for these to be delivered to our operations team who will install them for you in the selected ski resorts.

contacts us for guidance*


10. When should you provide Alpdest with the artworks?
As we offer mostly seasonal winter campaign and you don’t want to miss the peak start of the Christmas and New Year’s Eve holiday, it is best if the brand or agency can provide the complete artwork before the end of September.

Depending on the campaign we will support your project planning with a detailed project plan including milestones and exact artwork delivery times for different media options.

11. When is the installation starting?
Campaign installations start mid-October and finish at the beginning of December.
In case of a late artwork delivery, completion of the installation will be impacted. Therefore, if you have book a full winter campaign, we highly recommend that you avoid providing the artwork past beginning of October. 


Due to very low temperatures in ski resorts, stickering media artwork should always be delivered as a priority. Indeed, the vinyl and adhesive of the stickers do not bear temperatures below -5°C therefore, for the best results, stickering campaigns should be install no later than end of November.

*Please consider that in case of late signature and/or late artwork delivery by the Client, Alpdest cannot guarantee either meeting the agreed campaign live date nor staying within the agreed PTI costs. Selected elements of the campaign may only be live later than December 24th due to ski resort restrictions and/or severe weather conditions.

12. I am interested, how do I get started?

The best starting point for this is to contact the sales team closest to you. They will be able to answer any additional questions you may have and get you started on your journey with ski media.

You can find out more information about each of our media and network on our website.

When you first contact us, the more information we know about you and your brand, the better we can assist you and create a truly targeted and effective proposal that will meet your needs. We’ve listed the information that would be a significant help below:

• Your name & contact details
• Client or Agency (if applicable)
• Campaign objectives – what is your marketing problem / what do you want to achieve through your campaign?
• Target audience – who do you want to see your campaign?
• Location – where do you want your campaign to run i.e. what resort or country?
• Campaign timing – when do you want your campaign to run?
• Campaign budget range – how much do you want to spend on ski media advertising?
• Any other information you think may be helpful

13. How far do I need to plan? Or what is the lead time to book?

There's no easy answer, basically keep in mind that ski media works on a first come first serve basis. We may be able to create extra new space for you, but if we're sold out - once it's gone, it's gone.

Naturally, as we offer seasonal bookings with the earliest start being in December, all campaigns should be locked down 2-3 months minimum ahead of that. However, the realities of business today have been shorter and shorter lead times and we've adjusted accordingly as long as the conditions in ski resorts allow us to do so.

general questions

14. Can I buy ski media directly or do I need an agency?
You can buy Out-of-Home ski media through an agency or directly with Alpdest. Today, our clients are both brands and agencies. As ski media is not a traditional media, Alpdest experts can helps brands, in collaboration with their agencies, to get a full understanding of it, its network, its efficiency and the possibilities that it offers.

If you are interested in ski media and your agency has not yet included it in its recommendation, reach out to us so that we can meet and deliver you with the best facts and figures. You can then introduce us to your agency and we can work with them, hand in hand, to customize a proposal that will fit your objectives, needs and requirements.

15. What is the minimum quantity I have to buy?
It's difficult for us to set minimum quantities because we have some products like our XXL Billboards in major touchpoints/ski lift lines for which one board is a significant investment while for other products like F12 or entry gates would not be effective for you.

But as ski resorts are a “closed” and uncluttered environment, to maximize your recognition and brand awareness, the repetition of your message on several ski media, our recommendation would be 20’000€-50’000€ per resort or ski area is a minimum. Of course, smaller campaigns can also be planned depending on your specific need.

For smaller campaigns, a few or only one billboard can also be.

16. Can I select specific sites or locations to advertise my ad?
Our team will work with you to understand your objectives and create a list of sites and formats that best suit your needs to propose a coherent selection of ski media. You can surely select the desired locations and resorts for your ads depending on the specific audience you want to target.

17. Can I get a list of all Alpdest locations?
We have around 3,000 ski media across 60 top ski resorts, so while we could give you a list it's not likely to be useful to you. The best way to work is to brief us on your objectives and let us provide you with a recommendation. We will map out locations for you based on your criteria and can even take you on preliminary resort tour to better understand the landscape considering you have the time for it.

18. Can I change my ad during my campaign?
As we mainly offer winter seasonal campaign, so you will only need to provide one ad per site per campaign. If you have selected digital media, of course they are more flexibility to include various ads per ski media site. If you have chosen to book the same locations several winters in a row, you can of course decide to leave your ad to avoid extra costs.


19. Can we run regional language ad? And even have different ads for various locations within the same ski resort?
Yes, you can run advertisements in regional languages, sometimes it might even be recommended. You can also select the locations where you want to run these regional advertisements in line with the audience in the ski resort.

You can also run multiple advertisements in the locations selected by you and the content of each location can be customized as per the target audience of that location. So, you can run different advertisements in distinct locations depending on which target group you want to reach.

20. What creative works best for ski media?
We have gathered for you some creative guidelines to help your design team. Even if all basic rules of out-of-home media still apply, a few additional ones will allow to emphasize the impact of your advertisement specifically in the mountain environment and to the skier audience.

21. What are the creative requirements for gondola stickering?
There are several formats of gondolas, as well as several types of covering (from a single sticker up to a complete gondola wrapping) and since artwork ideas need to be confirmed with each resort, gondola artwork will be given to advertisers the lift lines of the campaign are confirmed.

22. Do you have digital billboards?
Alpdest has recently introduced its digital billboards and will be rolling these out across its European ski resort network. Digital billboards offer unrivaled flexibility, in many cases providing exciting and creatively superior solutions when compared to static billboards. Digital delivers true interactive visibility and offers advertisers new methods through which to engage with targeted audience. They allow advertisers to customize their messages quickly, making their advertisements especially relevant to the mobile consumer. 

This is the next generation platform for advertisers.  Advertisers are now able to create custom content and provide maximum impact through the benefits afforded by digital. Creative can be changed or when needed throughout the lifespan of a campaign, with no interruption to brand message delivery. Static billboard creative tips still apply however, as does location.

23. Are there any products or brands that cannot be advertised on ski media products?
Restrictions may apply in some cases, in particular for tobacco and alcohol, as well as brands in direct competition with the ski resort businesses or resort official partners. Please contact us for more specific details.

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