Case study #1

Period: Since 2012

Portfolio: All media (360° concepts)

Distribution: 2 Countries, 6 resorts

Case study #2
M&G Investments

Period: Since 2013

Portfolio: All media (360° concepts)

Distribution: 6 Countries, 40 resorts

Case study #3
Coca Cola

Period: Since 2012

Portfolio: Billboard campaigns

Distribution: 1 Country, 3 resorts

Case study #4

Period: Since 2013

Portfolio: All media (360° concepts)

Distribution: 2 Countries, 6 resorts

Case study #5
lindt Sprüngli

Period: Since 2017

Portfolio: Chairlift clocks

Distribution: 1 Country, 1 resort

Case study #6

Period: Since 2014

Portfolio: Ambient media, Classical OOH media, Lounge style OOH. 

Distribution: 1 country, 1 resort

Case study #7
calanda- Heineken

Period: Since 2011

Portfolio: Ambient and OOH Classical media

Distribution: 1 country, 1 resort

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Alpdest is an Out-of-Home media owner and provider

implemented in 60 Top ski resorts across Europe. We design advertising campaigns

with very little wastage to reach to high net worth individuals.

Alpdest Services AG, Brünigstrasse 220,

CH-6072 Sachseln,


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Audemars Piguet

Brandconcept in Gstaad Switzerland

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